• Secretary Madeleine K. Albright

    GLS 2014 Speaker

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  • Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Director, ISD

    GLS 2014 Speaker

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  • GLS 2014 Participants Anne Vang and Andre Pardal

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  • GLS 2014 Participants Akintunde Rotimi and Antonio Pugliese

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  • GLS 2014 Participants Margaret Rose and Dede Halfhill

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The annual Georgetown Leadership Seminar is a premier executive education program conducted and hosted by the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

 Participation is by invitation only.


Over the last 33 years, over 900 participants have represented more than 100 countries. These innovators and leaders are members of an exclusive global alumni network that includes presidents and prime ministers, royalty, parliamentarians and cabinet officials, CEOs and heads of NGOs, high ranking military officers, journalists and academics. Examples of some of our alumni can be found in the Alumni web section.

The objectives of the Georgetown Leadership Seminar are:

  • To promote among emerging world leaders a dialogue leading to cross-disciplinary cooperation in international affairs
  • To expose participants to, and therefore broaden their understanding of, the major issues in the foreign policy-making process in the United States through direct contact with top level American policy makers
  • To establish and cultivate an ongoing network crucial to strengthening international cooperation and areas of agreement among leaders in the global community

Selected Topics Covered During Past Seminars

  • The U.S. and Multilateralism: Prospects for a New Era
  • Globalization and the Developing World
  • Alleviating the Global Refugee Crisis
  • The Future of the International Monetary System
  • Technology and International Business
  • Is There Any Future for Trade Negotiations?
  • The Global Economy
  • Accountability for War Crimes
  • Economics of Growth and Development
  • International Threat Environment
  • The United Nations and the Future of Conflict Resolution
  • The Role of the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government
  • Religion and Foreign Policy
  • The Role of the Intelligence Community
  • The 2008 Elections
  • The Threat of Nuclear Weapons
  • The War on Terrorism: Is the Winning?
  • Is there an Islamic Threat?
  • The Rule of Law - Is  Still Credible?
  • Outsourcing- Scourge or Opportunity
  • The State of the American Economy
  • Immigration Policy: The 2008 Elections and Beyond
  • Issues in International Health and Disease Control